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Your Family & Your Future

Which life stage are you in now? Your children? Your parents? What is the next stage for each of you?

Understanding the life stages of your family members helps you prepare for the changes in their lives and the resulting impacts on your life.

Understanding your life stages offers several insights into your future.

  1. The stages illustrate the continuity and progression of life through seven stages.
  2. The change from each stage to next identifies major periods of change in your life.
  3. The stages invite visualization, images, of each of the life stages in your future.
  4. Every stage identifies a time frames for planning.

To begin planning for your futures, look at the life stage descriptions above and determine which life stage you are in now. Next, determine the stage for which you want to create scenarios and a strategic plan. If you are only a few years into your present life stage, plan for this stage. If you have less than five years remaining in this stage, plan for the remainder of this stage and the next stage together. In middle age or Independent stage, plan for the next ten years.

Although you will probably do detailed exploration and planning for only one stage at this time, it is important that you look ahead to the other stages, all the way to the end of life, so you will have a view of your entire life. You will find that decisions you make early in life will have impacts on later life, and a full life view will be helpful.

Stages of Life